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Custody paperwork for family lawyer in Kincardine

We know that the experience of separating and divorcing can be emotionally devastating for one or both parties. They could experience revolving stages of anger, sadness, guilt, fear and depression. These are magnified if there are children in the relationship.

During these tumultuous times, when people are overstressed and operating at less than their best, they then have to make serious legal decisions. Ryder Law Firm understands these complexities.

We will be there to help you move through the legal process while still dealing with the emotional issues. Once you get past the legal battles, usually your life will become more peaceful.

It is crucial that you try to complete the legal process as quickly as possible. This will reduce the emotional issues and save you money in legal fees. It is a win-win situation.

You should not seek to “go to war” against your spouse. Ultimately, the people who win in that scenario are the lawyers through their legal fees.

You need competent legal counsel that can guide you through the process quickly and obtain what you are entitled to without unnecessary legal battles.

We always keep in mind the children’s best interests.

If you call for a free initial consultation at our firm, the first discussion is free. There is no obligation for you to retain our firm.

If you confirm that you wish to retain us, we will confirm our agreement to act for you. We will then get started immediately with the necessary documents. If you decide not to retain us, there is no solicitor/client relationship and you cannot rely on any of the matters/advice discussed in the free initial consultation. Please see our disclaimer policy.

If you retain us, we will treat you with respect and compassion. We understand how difficult this time will be for you and your family and we will be considerate of your issues.

We will do everything that we can to help you get this matter resolved fairly and quickly so that you can save money, stress and get on with your life. We get it.


Collaborative family law is a process in which the parties, together with their lawyers, work towards resolving all matrimonial issues in a respectful and non-litigious fashion.

Each party will have their own lawyer who is a member of the collaborative family law group. That lawyer will fully represent them throughout the process, however, the intent of the process is to avoid the hostility, cost and delays of the existing court process.

The parties meet and negotiate on their own terms with the intent that at the end of the process a separation agreement will be completed dealing with all the issues.

The concept is a team approach during which expert assistance can be obtained for the parties with respect to completing their financial documentation, child custody and access issues and any other areas in which the parties require additional assistance.

Even if you are presently involved in the litigation process you can call a “timeout” and move the matter to the collaborative lawyer to try to settle the case without continued court appearances. The process is confidential and compromises and settlements proposed therein cannot be used later in the litigation process.

Lawrence Ryder is a trained mediator and collaborative law lawyer with more than 40 years of matrimonial law experience. It is his belief that the collaborative team approach is a kinder, gentler and less expensive approach to separation and divorce.

For further information about the collaborative law process please see under Legal Articles entitled, “Collaborative Family Law – A More Sensible Way to Resolve Separation and Divorce,” and also the website for Collaborative Family Law Group of Grey/Bruce.

We can help you in family law areas, including:

  • Child custody and access
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Division of assets
  • Separation agreements
  • Divorce
  • Co-habitation and pre-marriage agreements

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