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Divorce/Separation Law

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Collaborative Solutions

I know that the experience of separating and divorcing can be emotionally devastating for one or both parties. They could experience revolving stages of fear, sadness, guilt, anger and depression. These are magnified if there are children in the relationship.

I recognize that when parties are under this type of stress, they often make poor decisions.

My goal is to provide mature, calm, and effective legal advice that will reduce stress and help my client to make the best possible decisions under the circumstances.

You should not seek to “go to war” with the other party or gain revenge for previous events because, ultimately, that course of action drives up the legal costs and leaves both parties more bitter and divided.

I will try to move you through the legal process as quickly as possible. Once you get past the legal battles, usually your life will become more peaceful.

I will do everything that I can to help you get through this matter quickly and fairly so that you can save money, reduce stress and get on with your life. “I get it.”

I believe in negotiating a settlement in a collaborative fashion, if possible. Both parties have their own lawyers, but they negotiate in a collaborative format. Each party is encouraged to respect the other and focus on the best interests of the children.

The main intent is to arrive at a compromise agreement without having to go to court. 

All negotiations and agreements are based upon the existing law of the province and, if resolved, end up with fully enforceable legal contracts.

The process is confidential, and any compromises or settlements proposed in the process cannot be used later in the litigation process.

I am a trained mediator and collaborative law lawyer.

I belong to the Great Bruce Collaborative Family Law Group. More information is provided at


In some situations, it is not possible to come to a negotiated settlement. Therefore a court application is necessary in order to have a Judge make final determinations on important issues.

Although no one should seek to go to court, if matters can be settled by negotiation, if you have to go to court, then you had better "win."

The court process is expensive and slow.


Each step along the way requires significant legal time and documentation.


Many of the issues are complicated, and the law continues to change.

You must have a lawyer who is experienced and who is constantly monitoring the changing laws.

You should not have a lawyer who is overmatched by the lawyer for the other side. Things will probably end badly for you on the issues that you are hoping to be successful in.

Also, the losing party has to pay not only his/her lawyer's full costs but also, in addition, a large portion of the other lawyer's successful costs.

This can be a staggering amount by the end of the litigation.

Therefore, although it may be tempting to hire a less experienced lawyer who is charging at a lower legal fee rate, in the end, if you lose, you will not only fail in your objectives for yourself and your family but also, by paying the other side legal costs, you probably will end up paying more than you would have if you had hired a more experienced lawyer initially.

The old saying that “you should not take a knife to a gunfight” is worth considering.

Agricultural Legal and Matrimonial Advice

Since the 1980s I have been the trusted legal advisor for farmers all over Southwestern Ontario.

I have been interviewed on CBC television, CTV radio and have been a guest speaker at multiple universities and speaking engagements.

I have handled farm cases successfully through the Court of Appeal.


I have expertise in all types of agricultural issues, securities, and documents.


I have assisted farmers in their marital breakups to deal with the complexity and uniqueness of agricultural relationships.

I have acted for both men and women as they navigate family law complexities to dissolve farm relationships amicably.

However if one party is being unreasonable I have expertise and success in the highest courts of the province in case litigation is necessary.

I am also a trained mediator and collaborative law lawyer.

I can help.


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